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Is your logo a great mark?

Stepping away from your brand and just concentrating on your logo, how can you say your logo is better than another and whether it is ultimately best representing your company?

The strategic and technical thinking and development that goes into logo is always done behind closed doors. For the people (mainly your target audience) that aren’t privy to this process, how do you know if your logo is representing your company clearly and effectively? Granted that a logo is only a small part of an overall brand presence, it is however a vital organ that allows your brand to develop for the rest of your business. A simple reality check can keep your logo working for you.

Here are 5 tips to determine whether your logo is a great mark:

  1. Distinctive
    Does your logo have unique qualities to stand out from the crowd and more importantly from your competitors.
  2. Practical
    The need to have a practical logo is crucial. With the ever increasing presence of digital media, making sure your logo reproduces effectively across all mediums is important for logo integrity. Is your logo legible when scaled down in size? Does your logo reproduce confidently in digital form and does it work on coloured backgrounds or in reverse (white on black)?
  3. Simple Visual
    Communication is important, your logo must be visually recognisable in an instance with the need for verbal coaching. A great logo should contain only one visual idea, logo elements that compete with each other will only dilute your logos message. A logo with an icon should be accompanied by a clean and clear company name.
  4. Message
    Your logo must have a clear and precise message that represents your companies key positioning. Keeping your message simple allows your target audience to relate and adopt your position in the market.
  5. Appropriate
    Does the logo represent your business correctly and it’s strategic positioning? In the end this must be spot on.

You might have ticked all the above box’s and therefor on the right path with a successful brand. If you have only ticked 1 or 2, then your logo will need some extra attention from yourself and a brand agency in order to reposition your logo and company correctly. You might be thinking ‘my logo is only a year old, it should be fine’ or ‘i’ve had this logo for a long time and it has been working great for the company’, that might be the case but the reality is that your company is continually growing/evolving with time, your companies position and it’s message have most likely altered also.

Applying this simple method to your logo regularly is important in maintaining a logo and brand that is relevant to your company and your target audience.

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