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The importance of colour in branding

Colour is one of the strongest and most significant considerations in branding. Colour attracts the eye and can have a strong impact on people’s emotions, moods and judgement. Choosing the right colour(s) for your brand is crucial in delivering the correct message and greatly increasing your brands awareness and success.

Colours can mean different things depending on the culture, situation or industry and therefor should always be researched before a brands colour palette is chosen. Your corporate colour(s) should always appear on all your promotional material, starting with your logo and carrying through to your stationery, signage, brochures, packaging and online media. As much as possible, the colour you choose should set you apart from your competitors but most importantly represent your brand promise.

Here are few basic definitions of colours in branding and how they can represent your company:

  • RED is the colour of life. It shows energy, strength, love, passion, warmth, excitement, blood, desire,
    enthusiasm,danger, joyfulness, speed etc.
  • BLUE portrays creativity, wisdom, gentleness, calmness, trust, loyalty, intelligence, patience etc.

Without choosing the right colour(s) for your brand, it is nearly impossible to achieve an effective brand identity. The below examples show how the right colour can single-handedly represent your business. Also check the Name the Brand game here.


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