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Let your website generate the business for you

I’m sure many small business owners ask themselves this question. What can a website do that an ad in the yellow pages can’t? Well, it may be hard to realize but the internet is now one of the largest form of advertising. People now a days dont tend to call a number and a name to ask questions about the business, when they can read about it online and come to a conclusion about the company. As more and more people use the internet to look for information, taking your business online will definitely help your business grow.

In this article I have crafted a list of five things that you can do to make your website generate more business and also make your customer’s time on your website more fun and productive.

1. Make your website more accessible

With an increase in the number of people accessing the web via mobile device, having a mobile friendly website for your business is highly recommended. This site will provide information access to your customers wherever they are and whenever they want. They are likely to pass it on to their friends since they can bring up your website on their mobile and not necessarily a computer.

If provisioning a mobile friendly website affects your budget, then have a conversation with your developer and make sure they understand that you need this functionality in the website as soon as possible.

2. Offer Supplementary Information

It is important to understand that your users are always looking for information. They might browse your website for a purchase but before that they will like to check out what they are going to buy and perform any associated search. So make it a priority to provide supplementary information that boosts the primary content of the website.

Take the effort and time to provide the customers with product manuals, warranty information, contact details, videos etc. This is a direct way to emphasize that you care about your customers and make your site a gold mine for your visitors.

3. Make it easy to get help

Despite how much supplemental information or details about your product or service you provide, your customers might need more help. Make it easy for them to get help by providing FAQs’ (frequently asked questions) and by placing your company’s contact information prominently on your website. Provide an enquiry/contact form and help your customers get in touch with you.

4. Keep it organized

I have repeatedly mentioned about providing additional information, but at the same time make sure you avoid cluttering and information overload. You don’t want to drive your visitors away and hence it is important that you keep your website clean and well organized. Work with your designer to develop ways to keep information accessible, yet unobtrusive.

5.Optimise your website

Alright, you have your content right and your website looks pretty awesome as well, but what’s the point if you are not being found on the web. With more and more people searching information on the web, it becomes highly important that your website hits those top rankings on Google (and other search engines as well). Having a well optimised website and a proper search engine marketing strategy in place will help your website generate more traffic towards your website and ultimately generate more business.
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