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2 More LogoLounge Features

The LogoLounge gods have favoured Corporate Image again by selecting 2 new logos to be featured in the latest installment of the LogoLounge series, volume 8. Valori and The Water Cafe were the lucky ones chosen.
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Latest LogoLounge Book Vol.7 features two identities designed by Corporate Image

Our good run continues as we have 2 new identities featured in the latest LogoLounge Book Vol.7. Even though both Western Health and Black Kettle Tearooms logos are a few years old now, it seems the branding community and good folks at LogoLounge are still appreciating the brands.
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My Top 10 Most Memorable Brands of the Morning!

From the time we wake to the time we go to work; get home and go to sleep. Everyday we are subjected to thousands of brands directly or indirectly whether we like it or not. Not only do we visually experience brands, we also hear, smell and subconsciously interact with brands.

Today was no different (not that I expected it to be), this morning I decided to create a top 10 list of brands that stuck out in my mind from the time I woke to the time I sat down at my desk at Big Picture Group.
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The importance of colour in branding

Colour is one of the strongest and most significant considerations in branding. Colour attracts the eye and can have a strong impact on people’s emotions, moods and judgement. Choosing the right colour(s) for your brand is crucial in delivering the correct message and greatly increasing your brands awareness and success.
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Is your logo a great mark?

Stepping away from your brand and just concentrating on your logo, how can you say your logo is better than another and whether it is ultimately best representing your company?
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