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Little Angels Project website launched!

Located in the Bufuka area on the shores of beautiful Lake Bunyonyi of Uganda, the Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project cares for over 200 needy children.
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Let your website generate the business for you

I’m sure many small business owners ask themselves this question. What can a website do that an ad in the yellow pages can’t? Well, it may be hard to realize but the internet is now one of the largest form of advertising. read-more-arrowContinue Reading

Should I have a mobile website?

Yes, of course you should. Almost 60 million iPhones have been sold to date, and around 160,000 Android Smartphones are activated everyday. You would have to be crazy not to have your site available to the millions of users worldwide that are surfing the net on their smart phones.
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Is the cost of retailing online really that expensive?

Short answer is no. It is often questioned though… If you’re looking to retail online, don’t go in thinking you can do it for $500, because you can’t. The fact is you need to spend big, just not quite as big as a retail store.
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CI gets top spot mention in ‘Web Design: More Dark Layouts’

Our very own Corporate Image website gets an honorable mention in well respected Abduzeedo’s post on Web Design: More Dark Layouts. Our site was even selected for the post preview, awesome.
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