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Our Marketing Framework can help you plan your next marketing strategy with Corporate Image.

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Every company needs a professionally designed and developed website to support and grow their revenue streams.

Our website design and development services include:

  • Specification and functionality definition
  • Concepts and creative
  • Programming and development (includes eCommerce)
  • Provision of content management system and training
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Statistics tracking and reporting
  • Hosting and domain name registration
  • Content creation and population
  • Mobile website development
  • Tablet website development
  • Social media integration

The above is a sample of what we can handle for your business, every client has their own specific needs and we will tailor our online marketing service to suit your objectives and requirements.

Some of the things we need to know from you:

  • Why do you want the website? 
  • Are there any websites that inspire you?
  • What is your target audience?
  • When do you want the new website to go live?
  • Is the deadline critical and affected by any other factors?
  • Do you have a budget range in mind?
  • New site, or update to existing site?
  • Would you like us to host your website or someone else?
  • What is the structure you would like for the main website?
  • Flash animation required?
  • Search engine optimisation required?
  • Content management system required?
  • Customised form email or just email link?
  • Client to provide all content in clean clear Word document?
  • Copywriting service required?
  • All images provided by client?
  • Any photography and/or image sourcing required?

The above is the tip of the iceberg in understanding your print design needs but gives you a feel for what you need to start thinking about. However, don't stress because we have our own proven process in place to guide you along the way and to make sure you understand what is involved and how the project will be managed and delivered.

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